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Rapid Transformational Therapy®...

...for Your Physical, Emotional, & Psychological Wellbeing

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Roz Swaffer | RTT® Hypnotherapist


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About the 

You Mind You Matter Ltd is a Brighton and Kent based business providing ONLINE* Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) Sessions, primarily servicing the UK.


RTT is a fast, hybrid therapy that combines the most effective principles of Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy’s Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Regression Therapy and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) to rapidly transform lives - powerfully and permanently - usually in just one to three visits. 


The sessions offer a complete, solution-based treatment getting to the root cause of most physical, emotional or psychological issues to drive transformative change. It's one of the most effective tools available for personal development and oftentimes, the results are awe-inspiring!

*Some face-to-face, in-person sessions are available upon request.

About Me

Roz Swaffer

Photo of Roz Swaffer

Hello there, I’m Roz Swaffer and I’m the Owner of You Mind You Matter Ltd, and a Certified Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapist. 


For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been attracted to personal transformation, overcoming limitations and helping people. Like many, I’ve had my fair share of abhorrent pitfalls and I’ve lost everything now more than once. It's not easy getting back on your feet again and then grabbing life firmly with both hands to be even better than before - but it's totally possible!

Back in 2020 during the pandemic, suffering from burnout, I was desperately looking for an exit strategy from my stressful job where I worked in constant pressured circumstances with neither little growth nor positive social impact. I found myself pressingly seeking answers and working through many traumatic life events, and by sheer chance one day, discovered the incredible Marisa Peer and her RTT Method for the first time online. Having watched the many Marisa Peer videos available for almost a year previously, I saw an opportunity to sign up for a Practitioner course that was set to pave the way for my future. I've seen this incredible therapy work have such positive effects on others and it's certainly worked wonders for me; I've changed my attachment style to secure, stopped smoking and overcome a deep-rooted eating disorder that I had from my mid-teens, all through the powers of RTT and self-hypnosis.


Working with me will help you to better understand and interpret events, and the feelings associated with them, how they have affected or continue to affect you, and how you can change your reactions accordingly for improvement in your day-to-day.


I’ll show you how the interpretation of key events may be causing you pain or dis-ease, helping you to confront the emotions that you may be struggling to cope with, to challenge coping mechanisms that may not exactly be that healthy or working for you, and help you make positive, long-lasting life changes.


Let's get to the root, the reason, and the cause together and then let's rewrite the story. I've totally got your back 🖤.

So, What is RTT Anyway?

Watch this short video to know more....


The Process


So, you're interested in a session. Great, then let's talk! This call will last about 45 minutes and is the opportune way for us to discuss how RTT can benefit you and to set you up for success!


Choose an available date that's good for you. Pay for a block of sessions (Trio Package) to ensure a better success rate. These are also for more intricate issues or if you have a few things to overcome. We will discuss this during your initial Consultation Call. A Payment Plan is available for multiple sessions.


You'll answer a series of questions to allow me a better understanding of what's happening now and what you want to achieve from your Rapid Transformational Therapy session.

You'll receive the terms and other necessary key paperwork to sign and return. You also don't need to be a Tech Expert as I'll provide a step by step guide as to what's needed.


Now you're ready for your remote RTT session. Allow about an hour and half for this to take place in the comfort of your own setting. I'll prepare a bespoke recording as part of the session and will make it available to you shortly afterwards.

To show your complete commitment to change, you'll need to listen to your recording every day for 30 days, making sure that any new beliefs and behaviours are hard-wired and have a lasting effect.


Post-session Check-ins

I'll check in with you on day 1, 7, 14, 21 and 30 days after your session. We will usually know by day 14 whether or not another session is needed.

Book Your FREE Consultation Call

So, you're interested in a session. Great, then let's talk!

This call will last about an hour and is the opportune way for us to discuss how RTT can benefit you and to make sure that we're a good fit!

What Clients Say...

"Before my RTT session I was feeling stuck and blocked in my emotional life, coming up against the same difficulties over and over again.


During the session with Roz, I felt heard and understood, and the techniques she used made me feel very relaxed and empowered.

After listening to my recording, I felt calm and strong. I noticed my energy changed to being more open, and I found myself talking to strangers more, and they to me.


This positive, open mindset has stayed with me and I feel totally different about my previous problem which I feel has blocked me for years.

I feel anyone who feels stuck, blocked and frustrated with an issue in their lives would benefit from a session with Roz."

B, Brighton & Hove

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